Births and Deaths Registration: New rule regarding birth certificate will be implemented from October 1


Registration of Births and Deaths (Amendment) Act, 2023: If you take the birth certificate lightly, have not got it made or even the children at home do not have birth certificates, then there is very important news for you.

Now a mandatory rule is going to be implemented from October 1, after which the role of birth certificate is going to increase in document verification. Now the birth certificate will be a single document to prove multiple things. Now according to the new rules, registration of births and deaths has been made mandatory.

The rule will come into effect from October 1

Actually, the Birth and Death Registration (Amendment) Act, 2023 is coming into force from October 1. Under this rule, it will become mandatory to register for births and deaths. Regarding this, the Home Ministry has issued a notification on September 13, under which an update has been given on the implementation of these rules.

Why has the rule come?

Actually, the main objective of this law is to establish a national and state-level database for registered births and deaths. The law will establish the birth certificate as definitive proof of the date and place of birth of a person. This rule will apply to people born on or after the commencement of the Births and Deaths Registration (Amendment) Act, 2023.

Why will registration be necessary?

The certificate will be important for various processes including admission in schools, issuance of driving license, preparation of voter list, marriage registration, government employment, public sector undertakings, issuance of passport and Aadhaar number. Apart from this, this law will simplify the process of registration for adopted, orphan, abandoned and surrogate children as well as children of single parents or unmarried mothers.