Driving License making Rules Change: Big news! Big change is going to happen in these rules of new driving license

Driving License: If you do not have a driving license and are thinking of getting one, then this news can be very important for you. It will be a bit difficult to get new driving license from next month.

The reason for this is that by the end of January in Delhi, the driving test tracks will become automatic. There are a total of 13 driving test tracks in Delhi and 12 have been automated so far.

Driving tests are still conducted manually on just one track in Delhi. After Delhi, some states may also have arrangements for automatic driving test tracks. Passing the driving test on an automatic track becomes a bit difficult as the entire process here is under the surveillance of CCTV cameras and sensors. Despite this, there are many advantages of having an automatic driving test.

Corruption will end

The first automatic driving test track was started in Delhi about 5 years ago. Its purpose is to check the driving skills of the applicants in an unbiased manner before issuing them permanent driving licences. Apart from this, corruption in Regional Transport Offices (RTOs), which has been going on for years, can also be ended by being automatic. The process of getting a driving license in the Automatic Driving Test System is completely online. Test appointments are also available online.

There will also be a reduction in accidents.

After all the testing tracks in the national capital are automated, the possibility of interference by any kind of person will end. After this, it will be necessary to pass the entire exam to get the driving license. Eliminating human intervention in the driving test will lead to better driving on the roads, which will also reduce road accidents.

Passes on 24 parameters Test automatic track will also help those applicants who have not been able to pass the test in the first attempt. On the automatic track, he will come to know what mistakes he made in his previous test. After the last track is automated, Delhi will become the only state in India where the driving test will be conducted without any human intervention. Under the Automated Driving License Test, applicants are examined on 24 parameters through sensors and cameras installed on these tracks.