EPFO Pension: Higher pension application stuck? Know its reasons and solutions


EPFO Pension: If your higher pension application is stuck then there is no need to worry. You can track your application and process corrections.

Actually, Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) is providing the facility to track the application for higher pension under the Employees Pension Scheme (EPS).  EPFO members can track the application by logging into the service portal. Now the question arises that if a person has worked with different organizations, is it necessary to approve the application given to each company (past and present employer) for Higher Pension. Let us answer all your questions.

Is it necessary for each company to approve the application?

Financial sector experts say that before processing the application by EPFO, it is sent to all the employers (past or present) for verification and approval at their level. All employers will have to approve this. The Higher Pension application will appear on the EPFO ​​portal when the employer logins. However, for this pension the employer is required to verify the information submitted by the employee. The employer may approve or reject the application for pension at higher salary.

EPFO has mandated a time limit for approving higher pension applications?

EPFO had said in a press release on June 26, 2023, that employers have time till September 30 to complete the process on their part. This can be viewed as a fixed timeline for review and verification of applications by the employer.

What problems are facing the employees?

Employees may face two situations: A former employer may reject the applicant’s Higher EPS Pension application even if the documents are correct or a previous employer may not have yet reviewed the application. Due to these situations EPFO ​​may either reject the higher pension application or delay the process of accepting the application.

What can an employee do in such cases?

EPFO has given some instructions in this regard. The employer rejecting the application for higher pension will have to give reasons. Such rejection will be communicated to the applicant concerned.” An employee whose pension application has been rejected will have an opportunity to make necessary corrections in the application or provide additional documents, as the case may be.

When a person tracks the status of the application If the employer does not approve the application, it will be shown on the Member Services Portal of EPFO. According to the EPFO ​​circular dated April 23, 2023, if the employer has not approved the application, the EPFO ​​will not be liable to the employee for providing any additional proof or evidence or for correcting any mistakes or errors. Will provide opportunity for rectification (including mistakes committed by employees/pensioners).

A person will have one month from the issuance of the rejection letter to make corrections or changes in the pension application. According to EPFO’s press release dated June 26, 2023, “Any eligible pensioner/member who faces difficulty in submitting the online application for verification of option/joint option due to any problem in updation of KYC, may Can immediately lodge such complaint on EPFigMS.” After that it will be resolved.