Government Changed Rule: Now these employees will not get the benefits of gratuity, pension and PF, change in rules


Government Changed Rule: The Central Government has now changed the rules for some members. Now they will not get the benefits of PF, Gratuity and Pension.

This amendment has been made in Rule 13. The government has said that these members will no longer be considered eligible for pension and PF (Provident Fund), because they cannot avail two services at the same time.

Which people will not get benefits

According to the instructions issued by the Central Government, the benefits of gratuity, pension and PF will not be given to the members of Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT) and Goods and Services Tax (GST) Tribunal. Additionally, tribunal membership will be placed in the full-time employed category, which means they will have to resign from one of the services.

Why will you not get benefits?

Earlier, serving judges of the High Court or the Supreme Court were sometimes appointed as Chairman or Members while still in their existing service. Hence they were entitled to pension and other benefits, but now if a serving judge of any court is appointed as the Chairman or Member of the Tribunal, he will have to either resign or resign voluntarily from his substantive service before joining the Tribunal. Will have to take retirement. These people cannot take advantage of both at the same time.

Lawyers were excluded from profits

The amended tribunal rules say the change comes at a time when the Center is in the process of setting up a GST Appellate Tribunal for expeditious disposal of pending tax cases and litigation. Earlier, the government had excluded lawyers from becoming judicial members.