Highly Paid Job: Work 31.5 hours a week, salary Rs 2 lakh per month, Home to live with family, details here


Highly Paid Job: If you want peace and quiet then now you have a chance to live on an island of 60 people and work as a deckhand.

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The job is advertised on Fair Isle, 24 miles off the Shetland Islands of Scotland. Historically a fishing and crofting community, the island is believed to have been inhabited as far back as 6,000 years ago and was owned by Norway in the 14th century.

Today the island is owned by the National Trust for Scotland which is advertising new deckhand jobs. It is said that the island’s population is ‘thrilled to meet some new faces’ and the successful candidate is keen to highlight ways of getting involved in local life.

According to mirror.co.uk, James Stout, a fourth-generation resident of Fair Isle, said, ‘This is an opportunity to be part of a living community, which is rare these days.’ This is a community looking towards the future.

The National Trust will provide a family home for the successful candidate, provided they meet the charity’s rental criteria. Clea Warner of the Trust said: ‘Having been to Fair Isle at the beginning of October, I know well what a beautiful and wonderful place it is.

Talking about the job, for this job the candidate will have to work 31 hours 30 minutes in a week. In this way one will have to work for about 6 hours daily. For this work, you will get 24,539 euros in a year. Meaning, if seen in Indian currency, you will get around Rs 25 lakh. Apart from this, the one who is selected for the work will get a house to live with his family.

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