LPG Cylinder New Price: Big news! Gas cylinder becomes cheaper again, see new rates immediately


LPG Gas Cylinder Price: Once again the prices of gas cylinders have been reduced by 157% on the first of the month. However, there are many reductions in the prices of 19 kg commercial LPG cylinders.

Oil companies have updated the prices of commercial LPG cylinders. In Delhi, the price of commercial cylinder has reduced by Rs 157 and now it has become Rs 1522.50. In Delhi it will be available for Rs 1522.50 instead of Rs 1680 and in Kolkata from today it will be available for Rs 1636 instead of Rs 1802.50. Similarly, earlier its price in Mumbai was Rs 1640.50 and now it has come down to Rs 1482.

Domestic gas cylinder prices were reduced by Rs 200

Let us tell you that on Wednesday, August 30, the price of LPG cylinder was reduced by Rs 200. After this decision of the Central Government, the price of 14.2 kg gas cylinder has reduced by Rs 200 to Rs 903. After the reduction of Rs 200 in the prices of gas cylinders, the general public has got some relief from inflation.

Last month also commercial cylinder became cheaper by Rs 100

Last month i.e. in August, there was a reduction of Rs 100 in the price of commercial LPG gas cylinder. After this, the price of this 19 kg cylinder in Delhi came down to Rs 1,680. But now after the reduction of Rs 157 this month, this price has come down to Rs 1522.50. That means, from today onwards, commercial gas cylinder will be available for Rs 1522.50.

How to check gas cylinder price sitting at home

If you also want to check the price of LPG gas sitting at home, then you will have to go to iocl.com/prices of petroleum products. Here you will see the latest updated rates of CNG-PNG, Diesel-Petrol along with LPG price.