Note Deposit Charges Rule: Big news! Depositing more than the limit may have to be charged as a service charge


2000 Rupees Note Bank Deposit Rule: After the RBI’s decision to withdraw 2000 rupees, the process of depositing and exchanging notes is starting today in all the banks of the country. In such a situation, if you are going to the bank to change all your 2000 rupee notes, then once you should know about the bank service charge.

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The Reserve Bank of India has made it clear that there will be no charge for changing the notes. This means that it will be replaced and deposited free of cost. However, the process of depositing money in the account will be done in the normal and old way only. In such a situation , you should know about the daily limit, charge and other information.

Banks charge on deposits and withdrawals

Major banks levy service charge on cash transactions. However, this charge is levied on deposits and withdrawals when the monthly specified amount is crossed. Some similar rules can be applicable on 2000 rupee note also and if you deposit more money than the limit then you may have to pay the charge.

What you need to know before depositing notes in the bank

If you are going to deposit 2000 rupee note then you must know some things. According to ET’s report, these will be deposited through the normal banking system. In simple language, 2000 rupee notes will be deposited as other currency is deposited and same rules will apply. You can deposit the 2000 rupee note till 30 September.

Which bank charges how much service charge

If your bank levies a service charge on deposits and withdrawals, you will have to pay such charges, even if you are exchanging Rs 2000 notes.

SBI Bank – Three cash deposit transactions are free in a month. Beyond this, the bank will charge Rs 50 + GST ​​per deposit. 22 and GST charge is charged on cash deposit through debit card through third party.

HDFC Bank – 4 transactions are free in this bank during a month. If you do more than this, then Rs 150 service charge and GST will be taken. Transactions can be done up to Rs 2 lakh per month. The limit for the third party is Rs 25,000. The daily limit for savings accounts is Rs 2 lakh.

ICICI Bank- This bank gives four free transactions in a month. You can do free transactions of Rs 1 lakh in a month. If it is more than this, a fee of Rs 150 and GST will be taken. The limit of deposit from third party is 25 thousand rupees.

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