NPS Scheme Update: Depositing Rs 5000 every month, you will get around Rs 18 lakh, check details inside


NPS Scheme Update: If you also have any tension regarding your retirement (Retirement Planning), then now you can create a big fund by investing money in NPS. You can create a big fund by depositing small amounts.

Let us assume that you are 30 years old and you deposit Rs 5000 every month in your NPS account. In this way your annual investment will be Rs 60 thousand. In the next 30 years, you will create a total fund of around Rs 18 lakh.

Let us tell you that by continuously investing like this, you will get a total of Rs 1,13,96,627 on maturity. The amount of interest in this will be Rs 95,96,627. In this, customers get the benefit of compounding interest, due to which investors get very strong returns.

In NPS Scheme, at the time of retirement, you get two options, in which the first option is that you invest all the money in an annuity plan and start taking pension from it. Whereas, the second option is to withdraw 60 percent of the amount and make an annuity plan with the remaining 40 percent. On retirement, at least 40 percent of NPS has to be invested in an annuity plan.

Let us tell you that if the customer decides to invest 40 percent of Rs 1,13,96,627 i.e. Rs 45,58,650 in annuity, then you will get slightly less pension. Suppose you will get about 7-8 percent annual interest on this.

Let us tell you that in such a situation your pension will be around Rs 3,19,105-364,692 annually i.e. you will get the benefit of monthly pension of Rs 26,592-30,391.