RBI New guideline! Reserve Bank issued statement, now work with customers like this


Reserve Bank of India: Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Deputy Governor Swaminathan J on Thursday called on the top management of banks and other financial institutions to strengthen people’s trust in the country’s banking system on customer centricity.

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Asked to pay attention to attitude. Swaminathan held a meeting here with the heads of the customer service committee on the board of directors of major banks, managing directors, executive directors in-charge of customer service areas and key nodal officers.

Reserve Bank issued statement

The Reserve Bank said in a statement that the discussion during the meeting focused on further improving customer services. This includes prompt resolution of complaints, streamlining the complaint handling system, improving customer experiences, use of technology to prevent fraud, greater awareness to further improve customer service and the need to create responsible policies.

Confidence in the financial system will increase

Swaminathan said in his address that the role of customer service is important in increasing trust in the financial system. He asked the top management and the Board of Directors Customer Service Committees to focus on developing a consumer centric approach to enhance customer confidence in the banking system.

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