Rs 2000 Note Latest Update: Now Rs 2000 note will not work here either, you can deposit it in banks till this date


RS 2000 Note Stop Circulation: If you still have Rs 2000 notes, then this news is useful for you. Some people did not deposit Rs 2000 notes in banks after they were out of circulation, but instead used Rs 2000 notes by taking cash on delivery (COD) orders from e-commerce websites. Actually, after Rs 2000 notes were out of circulation, e-commerce website Amazon had announced to accept Rs 2000 notes at the time of cash on delivery.

Information about this also given in FAQ

Recently, the last date for accepting Rs 2,000 notes for cash on delivery (COD) orders from Amazon was stated to be September 19. That means now if you order any item on Amazon, now Amazon will not accept Rs 2000 notes from you. Information about this has also been given in the FAQ given by the company on its website.

2000 rupee notes are out of circulation.

In the information given by Amazon on its website a few days ago, it was told that we are accepting 2000 rupee notes. In the information given on the website, it was told that from September 19, 2023, we will not accept Rs 2,000 notes for cash on delivery (COD) orders or cashload. Actually, recently it was announced by RBI to remove Rs 2000 notes from circulation.

Along with this, the Reserve Bank had fixed 30th September as the date for depositing Rs 2000 notes in banks. Recently, in the report released by RBI, it was said that 93 percent of the notes of Rs 2000 have been returned. Sources claim that RBI is in no mood to change the date of withdrawal of Rs 2000 notes.