School Closure: Big news for students, school holiday declared from 1st to 12th, schools will remain closed for so many days


School Holiday Update: School holiday has been declared on Friday for school students from class 1 to 12. The students will benefit from this. Orders have also been issued for this.

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Uttar Pradesh International Trade Show and Bike Race Moto GP, which is going to be held in Greater Noida, is to be organized from 21st to 25th. In such a situation, a decision has been taken to keep schools and colleges closed in Noida district.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and President Draupadi Murmu will participate in the program. During this period, lakhs of people from India and abroad will also reach the district. After this the students should not face any problem. For this, there will be a holiday in schools and colleges on Friday.

Holiday in private, government and non-government schools on 22nd September

On September 22, holiday has also been announced in private, government and non-government schools including Anganwadi centres. This year, students have been given continuous school holidays, sometimes due to rain and sometimes due to some other reason. The students have benefited from this. However, school education has been affected during this period.

Announcement of holiday in schools in Jalandhar also

Here in Jalandhar, Punjab also, holiday has been announced in schools. There will be holidays in many schools of Punjab on 22nd September. The benefit of which will be available to students from 1st to 12th.

Big news has come out from Jalandhar, Punjab. Holiday has been declared on 22nd September in the school located at P.A.P. Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann’s function is at P.A.P. Due to which holidays have been given in schools as per the advice of the administration. The examination to be held on September 22 has also been postponed. The exam will be conducted on 23rd September.

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