School Holiday: Department issued order! Schools from 1st to 12th will remain closed for so many days


There is good news for school students from 1st to 12th. Holiday has been announced for them. Orders have been issued for this. Instructions have been given to keep the schools closed till further orders. The students will benefit from it.

There is big news for school students from class 1 to 12. Holidays have once again been announced for them in schools. During this period, schools and colleges will be kept closed. Instructions have also been given to keep all government offices closed. An order has been issued for this.

Greater Noida: Announcement of local holiday

Local holiday has been declared in Uttar Pradesh, Greater Noida on the occasion of Guru Dronacharya Fair. There will be a local holiday in many districts on 12th September. Its orders have been issued by District Magistrate Manish Kumar Verma. Under which schools and colleges will remain closed on Tuesday. Instructions have also been given to keep government offices closed. This order will be applicable for all educational institutions. CBSE ICSE board schools and colleges will also be involved in this.

Gautam Buddha Nagar: All schools will be kept closed

Similarly, on September 12, all the schools of Gautam Buddha Nagar will also be kept closed. On the occasion of Drona Mela, DM has declared a local holiday in Gautam Buddha Nagar on Tuesday, September 12. During this period, schools, colleges and institutions will remain closed.

Dholpur: Orders issued to keep schools and colleges closed

Rain is being seen in Dholpur district of Rajasthan. After four consecutive days of rain, many parts of Dholpur district are flooded. There is also news of railway track sinking. The rainy season will continue from Tuesday, September 12 to September 14. In view of the heavy rains, orders were issued to keep all government schools and colleges closed in Dholpur till further orders.

In her order, Chief Education Officer Krishna Kumari said that all government and private schools in Dholpur Municipal Council area will remain closed from Monday till further orders. If any school is found to be operating, strict action will be taken against it. School staff will reach school like normal days. With closure from Monday, there is currently no update on opening of classes from 1st to 12th. Schools in Dholpur can be reopened only after the order is issued.