School Holiday: DM’s order issued..! Schools will remain closed for two days in this district


School News: School holiday has been announced once again. Schools will be closed for one and a half days. Orders have also been issued for this. This decision has been taken by the government in view of the huge crowd.

UP: Instructions to keep all schools up to 12th closed

Schools in Noida, Uttar Pradesh will be closed for about 2 days. Students from 1st to 12th will get its benefit. Private, concluding government schools will remain closed. In Gautam Buddha Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh, the District Magistrate has given instructions to keep all schools up to 12th closed for half day on 21st and 22nd September. This step has been taken regarding the organization of Moto G and UP International Trade Show to be held in the district.

International Trade Show is being organized at Greater Noida Expo Center from 21st to 25th September in Gautam Buddha Nagar district and Moto G is being organized at Buddha International Circuit, Greater Noida from 24th September.

In view of the huge crowd of spectators, so that the students and parents do not face any kind of inconvenience, the District Officer has declared half day on 21st September and holiday on 22nd September in all the institutions. However, online classes can be conducted during this period. In such a situation, schools from nursery to 12th will be operated till 2:00 pm on 21st September while schools will remain closed on 22nd September.

Punjab: Declaration of public holiday on 19th September

A big announcement has been made by the Punjab Government. In such a situation, a public holiday has been declared on 19th September. Schools and colleges will be kept closed. This holiday has been declared on the occasion of the great festival Samvatsari. In the order issued by the government, it has been said that government offices, government and non-government educational institutions will remain closed. It is included in the list of reserved holidays available to every employee.

Holidays declared in schools of many states

In view of Ganesh Chaturthi, holiday has been declared in schools of many states. In some states it is celebrated on a large scale. Due to it being celebrated on a large scale in states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, holidays of 1 to 2 days are declared at these places. The students will benefit from this.

School holiday on 28th September also

On the occasion of Eid-e-Milad, holiday will be declared in schools on 28th September also. The benefit of which will be available to students from class 1 to 12. During this period also, schools, colleges and institutions will remain closed and Anganwadi centers will also remain closed.