Toll Rate Hike! NHAI increased the toll rates on this route, check new rate immediately


After the commencement of Rose Bypass, NHAI has increased the toll tax rates of Faridpur Toll Plaza. The new rates were implemented from 12 o’clock on Wednesday night.

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NHAI had constructed toll plaza near Naugawan in Faridpur. Before the completion of the construction of Roja Bypass which is subject to toll tax, collection of toll tax was started at Faridpur Toll Plaza. Due to which toll tax rates were kept low. Recently the construction work of Rose Bypass was completed. After which NHAI opened Roza bypass for vehicles. After this, NHAI sent a proposal to increase toll tax to the Road Ministry.

New rates from 12 midnight

Road Ministry approved the implementation of new rates. After this, new rates were implemented from 12 o’clock on Wednesday night. Project Director NHAI, BP Pathak said that new rates have been implemented at Faridpur Toll Plaza. The list of new tax rates has been posted at the toll plaza.

Old and new rates of toll vehicle First अब
एक बार  – दो बार once – twice
car, jeep, van     100 -130   150 – 195
Light commercial vehicles and mini buses 160 – 210 240 – 310
bus and truck 340 – 505 435 – 655
three axle commercial vehicle 370 – 555 475 –  715
Large vehicles with 4 to 6 axles 530 – 795 685 – 1025
vehicles with seven and more axles 645 – 965 830 – 1245

(Note :For people living within a radius of 20 kilometers from the toll plaza, the monthly pass rate will remain only Rs 330.) 

The burden of these toll taxes will mostly fall on those traveling from Shahjahanpur, Sitapur, Lucknow. More than 18 thousand vehicles pass through here in 24 hours. Revenue will also increase as prices increase.

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