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Good News for Employees! Salary will increase from 50000 to 95000 soon, know latest updates on fitment factor

The latest update has come out on the fitment factor of 52 lakh central government employees. According to media reports, the central government can take a big decision on the fitment factor this month, for this a draft will be prepared, which will be shared with the central government soon.

Decision can be taken before this. Last time in 2017 the entry level basic pay was increased from Rs 7000 to Rs 18000 per month. According to media reports, if this is agreed, then the basic salary of more than 52 lakh central employees can be increased under the fitment factor. There is a possibility that the fitment factor can be increased from 2.57 per cent to 3.68 per cent.

If agreed, it can be implemented from September 1, 2022. This will increase the basic salary by 8000, it will increase from 18000 to 26000. With its implementation, the minimum salary of central employees from Level Matrix 1 will start from Rs 26,000. However, there has been no confirmation from the government yet. Actually, in the 7th Pay Commission, the salary of central employees is decided by the fitment factor.

At present the fitment factor of central employees is 2.57 times, on this basis the minimum basic salary is Rs 18000 and the maximum basic salary is Rs 56900. For example, if the basic salary of a central employee is Rs 18,000, then his salary excluding allowances will be Rs 18,000 X 2.57 = profit of Rs 46,260. On 3.68, the salary will be Rs 95,680 (26000 X 3.68 = 95,680) i.e. in salary 49,420 will get profit.

It is worth mentioning that the fitment factor is considered to be an important role in deciding the basic salary of central employees. Due to this factor, the salary of central employees increases by more than two and a half times. Based on the fitment factor, the revised basic pay is calculated from the old basic pay. Fitment factor is an important recommendation in the last pay commission report, on this basis the increment will be decided. Demand is being raised from 2.57 percent to 3.68 percent so that the basic salary can be increased.