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Train Luggage Rules: How much luggage can a passenger take with him? know the rules


There are certain rules for carrying luggage with you while traveling in flight. This information is usually known to all the passengers traveling by flight.

But, do you know that even when traveling by train, there is a fixed weight for carrying luggage. India’s railway network is the second largest network in the world. Every day a large number of passengers travel in it. In such a situation, the passengers should also know the rules of carrying luggage.

While traveling in the train, a passenger can carry a maximum of 50 kg of luggage with him. Passengers have to pay fare if there is more luggage than this. For this, a separate ticket has to be taken. If you travel in AC coach then the rule is different for this. In AC coaches, luggage up to 70 kg can be easily carried without paying any fee. Whereas, in a sleeper coach, a person can carry only 40 kgs of luggage with him.

There are also rules regarding the size of luggage

There are separate rules for large size luggage while traveling in the train. If the passengers carry oversized luggage with them, then they have to pay a fee of at least Rs 30. At the same time, passengers have to pay one and a half times more charge if there is more luggage than the prescribed limit.

There are rules for medical goods as well.

If a patient is also traveling along with a passenger, then there are separate rules for the goods needed by the patient. According to this rule, on the advice of a doctor, passengers can take oxygen cylinders and stands with them.

Such items are not allowed

Passengers cannot carry explosive or inflammable material with them while traveling in the train. At the same time, even after paying the fee, passengers can take only 100 kg of luggage with them.


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