5 rupee note: You also have this 5 rupee note, you will get 5 lakhs sitting at home


5 Rupee Extremely Rare Note: Many people are fond of collecting old notes, if you also have a tractor note of 5 rupees then you can earn thousands sitting at home, let us tell you at which place you can sell it. Can do.

No matter how many years pass, there are many people who are very fond of preserving unique things. These unique things also include antique coins and notes, such as old coins and notes (Old Coins Collection). If you also collect it, then definitely take out this old tractor note of Rs 5 from your collection. (5 Rupee Tractor Note) This note will give you big earning. Here we will tell you how you can earn thousands and lakhs of rupees by selling this special note online.

A Rs 5 note will bring good luck

If you have also kept this 5 rupee tractor note (Antique Collection) for a long time, then you can earn a good amount. Whereas old coins and notes are kept in the antique category. (5 Rupee Rare Note). Before putting this note for sale, you have to take care of some special things.

The note should have this feature

To earn 30 thousand rupees, a tractor should be made in the 5 rupee note kept with you. Besides, the number 786 should also be written in it. This note is considered rare in the antique category. This note has been recognized as Extremely Rare Notes in the Reserve Bank of India. This is the best option to earn money during the lockdown imposed due to Covid-19.

Earn thousands while sitting at home

If you have this 5 rupee note (5 rupee note sale), then your luck can shine while sitting at home. For this you will not need to go anywhere, you can also sell it online. To sell your such notes, visit the online site of coinbazzar.com, where you will have to register as an Online Seller. After this you can upload the picture of the note and put it on the cell. After this process, interested people will contact you and you can sell it sitting at home.