7th Pay commission: How much has been increased in the salary of Level-3? What changed in Pay Matrix due to increase in DA


7th Pay Commission Pay Matrix: The salary of central employees is made by adding pay matrix, fitment factor, dearness allowance, HRA and travel allowance. According to his pay-grade, any employee can calculate salary by adding new dearness allowance.

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7th Pay Commission Salary calculation: Dearness allowance of central employees has increased. With the increase in dearness allowance, there is also a difference in the total gross salary. Pay matrix has been prepared according to every department in the 7th Pay Commission. There are different pay scale levels in the pay matrix. They all have different salary. The 7th Pay Commission was implemented for government employees from January 1, 2016, after that there was a change in their salary structure. Gross salary increased by about 14% in the new pay scale. However, after this the Modi government also started adding DA to it, due to which there was a further difference in salary. According to his pay matrix, any employee can calculate his salary.

7th pay commission got a big advantage as compared to 6th pay commission

The basic pay at the entry level in the sixth pay scale was Rs 7000 (pay band 5200 + grade pay 1800). At the same time, DA was available at 125%, meaning more DA was made than the basic. Including the rest of the allowances and deductions, the employee used to get Rs 14,757 a month. But, after the implementation of the 7th pay scale, there was a big increase in the monthly gross-pay. DA was revised to zero again. At present, the employees are getting 38% dearness allowance, which has been implemented from July 2022.

How much salary changed on changing pay commission?

6th Pay Commission 7th Pay Commission
7000 18000
13500 35400
21000 56100
46100 118500
80000 225000
90000 250000

Pay metrics linked to fitment factor

Salary is made on the basis of Pay Matrix. In the new pay scale, the pay matrix was linked to the fitment factor. The initial level employee gets 2.57 times the salary on the basis of fitment factor. Means the basic is 18 thousand rupees per month at level 1 in the pay matrix. At the same time, at level 18, it is Rs 2.5 lakh per month. This arrangement is effective from 1 January 2016.

What is the pay scale in Level-3?

First understand what is Pay Matrix and how does it affect the salary of employees? And how do government employees get benefits. The pay-grade is fixed on the basic salary of the Pay Matrix Level 3 under 7th Pay. At present, the basic pay structure in level-3 is minimum Rs 21,700 and maximum or Rs 69,100 with 40 increments.

Understand the salary structure of Level-3 like this

Lets understand by example. If any government employee comes under Pay Matrix Level 3 in any department. His basic basic salary is Rs 21,700, so let us know what will be the total salary of that employee?

  • Level and Grade-Pay: Level-3 (Grade-Pay-2000)
  • Location: Delhi
  • Basic Pay: Rs 21,700
  • Dearness Allowance (DA): Rs.8246 (38% of Basic Pay)
  • House Rent Allowance (HRA): Rs 5,859 (27% / X city)
  • Traveling Allowance: Rs 4,716 (TA of Level-3 for A1 Class Cities)
  • Gross Salary: Rs 40,521

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