Balance Your Career With Your Married Life


How to Balance Your Career With Your Married Life.

When both partners in a relationship work, it can be difficult to balance love with career. Modern romance often means no one is home to make dinner, and quality time can be hard to find. Here are some Ways to Balance Your Career With Your Married Life.

1. Set boundaries

Whether it’s the time you each leave the office, or how often you work from home, make sure you communicate and set clear expectations about how your careers will bleed into your life. Make a rule that you can’t look at phones after 7:00 pm, or that you’ll both work on Sunday afternoons. Career-oriented couples often enjoy working, but setting boundaries allows you to also enjoy each other.

2. Talk finances early and often

The most common argument couples face is around money. So talk now, while things are good, on whether each person is willing to support the other if a job is lost or if a new career direction is fancied. Are you willing to dip into your savings to support a relocation? How will your lifestyle change if your partner gets a promotion? Decide how you will allocate money at home and for work.

3. Carve time out for each other

It’s important to create regular time to spend together. Maybe you make special moments out of running errands or perhaps you exercise every Saturday together. You can also try scheduling a date night for every Tuesday that can’t be rescheduled. The point is to find quality time together to look forward to.

4. Don’t go to bed angry

An old adage that is meaningful for the success of both your relationship and your career. If you wake up angry, not only did you possibly lose valuable sleep from the night before, but you also get a negative start to your morning that can affect your productivity throughout the day. Work out your issues before your head hits the pillow for the good of your relationship and your career.

 5. Balance sacrifices
If one or both of you want to pursue a high-profile career, it’s almost a guarantee that sacrifices will have to be made for the good of that career. Remember that balance is created over long periods of time. Accept and acknowledge the importance of your partner’s sacrifice to further your career and be willing to do the same for their dreams in the future.

6. Show unconditional support

It can be difficult to show interest in your spouse’s career after your own long day of work. But it’s important that you’re thoughtful and present in your conversations relating to your partner’s career, and that your support is unconditional toward their work. Without such support, a lack of understanding and resentment can breed in your partner, making it difficult to act as a couple.

7. Love the person, not their title

For the health of your relationship, make sure you’ve fallen in love with your partner as a person, and not with their title or position. In today’s economy, nothing is certain, and compatibility is no longer based on whether or not the other person can take care of you. Instead, know that you can take care of yourself, and decide if you still want your partner around.

8. Do the decision two-step

The first step to making a decision is you, and the second is your partner. No longer are you operating in life independently, no matter how headstrong your personality. Your decisions now affect each other, and you have to recognize your partner has equal say. Prepare yourself to handle the consequences of the other person’s actions.

9. Share household duties

No one wants to come home to a sink full of dirty dishes. Divvying up household chores is often a sticking point between couples that escalates into ongoing arguments. Assign clear roles and decide who takes out the trash, who does the dishes, who cooks, and who vacuums. Stick to it, but then don’t be afraid to break out the dish soap when your partner is having a tough week.

10. Forgive and apologize

In a world of career uncertainty, relationships can be a secure foundation and minimizer of stress. Don’t make things more difficult by holding grudges. Communicate often with your partner; show compassion toward their bad moods and celebrate their good ones. A successful relationship is often the first step toward a successful career. Make sure you commit to the long-game.

11. Dedicate One Day a Week to Each Other (and Family)

Plan one day a week as a work-free day. Make that your day to enjoy fun activities with your spouse (or family), schedule date nights and not think about work. Our family makes a habit of Sunday family days. After time in God’s Word we know that it’s a day for us…no work allowed! Getting yourself in the habit of taking at least one day a week away from thoughts of work will make you more accessible to your spouse, as well as more refreshed when you return to the office.

12. Don’t bring your work home

Depending on how important or upscale your work is, you might find yourself pressured to bring some of it home with you. That’s a major mistake and you should stay away from doing that. Make sure that no matter how much you work, when you leave the workplace or your work hours are up, you dedicate what’s left of your time to enjoying yourself. There’s really no point in working all day long with no family and fun in the equation. What’s the point in having money if you never have time to spend it?

13. Get Involved in The Life of Your Children

Help them with their home work, attend their Parent Teacher’s Association (P.T.A) meetings, end of the year party in school. Never fail to visit your children who are in boarding schools on ‘visiting days’, be totally involved in the lives of these children that is the only thing they will remember about you in future.

14. Negotiate to Survive a Career Clash

When you and your spouse are both passionate about fulfilling your dreams, they can collide–and cause major chaos in what should be a happy marriage. Be sure to work together to negotiate a shared vision relationship. As much as possible, help one another achieve your goals and dreams.

Sometimes, the fulfillment of one spouse’s goal requires the other person to sacrifice temporarily. Communicate with one another early on about your dreams and goals for yourselves and your family. Negotiate and compromise when needed.

If you’re currently the sacrificing spouse, remember that a vocation isn’t only an expression of gifts; it’s a way of providing for your family. This is especially important to keep in mind if you’re in a vocation that doesn’t allow you to do the kind of work you’re passionate about. In these instances, focus on your passion for providing for your family.

Remember, life comes in waves, and each season is temporary. Never keep score. Continue working together toward the goals that you share, supporting one another along the way, and you’ll avoid major career clashes at home.



  1. Well posted . I am a retired engineer from a multi national company still in service in another co . I couldn’t understand the meaning of workkoholic as yet.If one is not seriously dutyfull achievement is far-reaching thing and this comes only you do not look at the watch.The easy going thick skined people by virtue of luck may achieve some success but not beyond certain limit. Therefore a couple has to be very very understanding &open minded then only life will be peacefull.differences will come but to be shetteled amekably no one big or small, at the end all ego would be reduced to ashes. If one have slightest of doubt, they should think to get married after 40 when more maturity is attain.

  2. Very Meaningful & Important Tip in this hurry life situation each & every partner must read, listen and follow these guidelines with calm/patience.

    Thank you .

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