Bank New Policy: New update to women bank employees, After maternity leave, you will get Work From Home for this many months


Bank New Policy: Leading private sector bank Citi Bank India has started a new facility of Work from Home (WFH) for women employees. Under this facility, female employees of the bank can avail the benefit of Work from Home (WFH) for up to 12 months after 26 weeks of maternity leave.

This facility provided by the bank will be optional. Apart from this, a pregnant employee can request to work from home for three months depending on the need in the last trimester of pregnancy.

Facility to stay at home for 21 months!

This type of policy is being seen as a new initiative. In this way, with the facility provided by the bank, pregnant/new mothers can stay at home for 21 months. The bank’s HR head Aditya Mittal said that apart from the maternity leave implemented by the government, Citi is the first bank to implement the policy of Work from Home (WFH). Following this rule, the new mother will be able to maintain harmony between her family and office.

Planning to hire 5,000 people

Mittal said that India is the first market where Extended Work from Home (WFH) policy is being implemented by Citi Group. This decision comes at a time when the bank has recently exited its consumer banking business in India. The bank is planning to appoint 5,000 people in the coming two years.

Let us tell you that Citi India has more than 30,000 employees, out of which 38% are women. Mittal said, ‘A large number of our female employees are of child-bearing age and this has become a major attraction for women in the workforce.’ Let us tell you that as per the government rules, currently 26 weeks of maternity leave is given to women employees in private limited companies.