Daughter’s right on father’s pension | Can married daughter claim father’s pension?


Central Government can help many families in the country through family pension. Some rules have been made by the government for taking pension after retirement from job. 

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According to these rules, if a pensioner dies, his family gets family pension after his death. According to which rules his family will get this pension and all this is explained in the rules made by the Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare. If anyone in your family or acquaintances is like this, then you should also know all those rules. 

Who can get dependent pension in the family?

1. The wife of the deceased will get pension. 
2. Unmarried son below 25 years and married/widowed/divorced daughter (no age limit), who was dependent on the deceased for her maintenance. 
3. A disabled child who is not able to earn his living. There is no limit on age and marriage. 
4. Dependent parents of the deceased.
5. Dependent brothers and sisters of the deceased. 

For how long will you be eligible to receive pension:

1. Wife of the deceased – lifelong
2. Unmarried son – till the age of 25 years and is not married and until the daughter (married/widowed/divorced) starts earning a living or till death.
3. Disabled child – lifelong or until he starts earning. 
4. Dependent parents of the deceased – until they start earning or till death.
5. Dependent siblings – until they start earning or till death. 

Here are the rules regarding the daughter:

It has often been seen that there is a lot of confusion regarding the issue of married daughter regarding pension matters. The question remains whether a married daughter can claim pension or not? What will be the duration of his pension? According to the pension department, the daughter can get this benefit till she gets married. Whereas if the daughter is divorced or widowed, she will get this benefit till her second marriage or till she gets employment. 


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