Big News! The biggest list of layoffs made in this IT company, 19000 employees will be fired, know the reason


Accenture Revenue Growth: Amidst the crisis of recession looming around the world, the process of retrenchment continues in giant companies.

After big companies like Twitter, Amazon and Google, now the big IT sector company Accenture is preparing to take out the companies. In the information given by the company, information about the lay-off of 19,000 employees has been given. Apart from this, the estimate of annual revenue growth and profit in the results from the company has also been reduced.

IT service and consulting company Accenture will lay off 19,000 employees in the next year and a half . At present, about 7 lakh people work in Accenture, out of which three lakh are in India. This is the highest number of employees of any company in India. The company told the stock market, we continued recruitment to support our strategic growth in the second quarter of the current financial year.

Steps taken to reduce costs

The company also informed that we have initiated action to systematize our operations to reduce costs. About 19,000 people can be fired under this in the next 18 months. This action of retrenchment will be done in a phased manner. It was told by the company that we have taken this step to reduce the cost.

Let us tell you that earlier, Amazon had surprised everyone by announcing layoffs of 18000, Microsoft’s 11000, Facebook’s parent company Meta 21000 and Twitter about 20000 employees. Accenture CEO Julie Sweet said that we are taking this step towards reducing costs in the financial year 2024 and beyond.