Big relief for pensioners! Pension complaints will now be resolved sitting at home, know full process


Pension Complaint: If you are employed and have any complaint regarding the problems related to pension, then you will be able to find solutions to those problems sitting at home. Due to which you will get a lot of relief.

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Because Pension Adalat has been constituted for immediate redressal of the grievances of the pensioners. Under which pension complaints will now be settled at home in the Pension Court .

According to media report , the number of pensioners coming under Employees Pension Scheme-1995 i.e. EPS-95 in the country is about 75 lakhs. Along with this, more than 6 crore shareholders are also involved. This scheme is run by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). Under this, pensioners get a fixed minimum pension. Along with this, many other facilities are also available. But many times pensioners also have to face problems related to pension. For this, pensioners have to make a lot of visits to the offices.

What is Pension Adalat?

Pension Adalat has been constituted for speedy redressal of pensioners’ grievances. Through this, complaints related to pension acceptance and distribution of senior citizens are resolved. Along with this, quick and correct disposal is done by contacting the concerned authorities.

Register online complaint like this

  1. A link will be sent to the pensioners on their registered mobile number or e-mail before the Pension Adalat.
  2. Pensioners will click on the link, in which complaints will be heard through video conferencing.
  3. Pensioners will have to provide their 12 digit PPO number, account number, address and mobile number.
  4. First fill the e-mail ID in the prescribed form and send it.
  5. If the complaint is sent by post, it is necessary to write Pension Adalat on the top of the envelope.

Who is eligible for EPS-95?

If you want to take advantage of this scheme, then it is necessary to be an EPFO ​​subscriber. Every month, a fixed amount is deposited in the EPF account from the salary of any EPFO ​​subscriber ie member. Out of this, 8.33 percent amount goes to the pension head.

Also, to get pension under the EPS 95 pension scheme, the employee has to complete at least 10 years of service. The retirement age under this scheme is 58 years. EPF member can also withdraw his EPS at a lower rate before the age of 50 years.

Special things related to EPS-95

  1. Member pension on retirement at the age of 58 years.
  2. Premature member pension before the age of 50 years in case of unemployment.
  3. Disability pension in case of permanent and total disablement of the member during service.
  4. Widow/widower pension on the death of the member (including the first provision of para 12(8)) or pensioner.
  5. Child pension for 2 children at a time up to the age of 25 years on the death of the member/pensioner.
  6. Orphan pension to 2 orphans at a time up to the age of 25 years on death of member or pensioner or death of spouse.
  7. Orphan pension for the whole life of the disabled child / handicapped child / orphan child.
  8. Nominee pension on death of the member and is paid by the member to the nominee for life in case the member does not have a family as defined under the Employees’ Pension Scheme 1995.
  9. Pension to dependent father or mother on the death of the member, provided the member has no family or nominee

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