Dearness Allowance approved: Good news! Central employees will get confirmed 42% DA, know when the money will come

Central employees have got great news. After a long wait, DA Hike is going to be approved. The central government is going to give it the green signal. 4% increase in dearness allowance will be approved in the Modi cabinet.

After this it will be paid in March salary. There is a cabinet meeting on Friday evening. Dearness allowance for central government employees has increased to 42%. It has been increased from 38% to 42%. According to CPI-IW data, there was an increase of 4.23% in dearness allowance till December 2022. But, it is given to the central employees in a round figure, hence it has been increased by 4 percent.

Dearness Allowance (DA) approved at 4%

The Modi government called a special meeting of the cabinet on Friday (March 17). In this, dearness allowance has to be approved. The increase in dearness allowance will be considered applicable from January 2023. Because, in the last six months i.e. between July and December, the inflation figure between the Consumer Price Index increased by 4.4 percent. Therefore it has increased by 4%. Now dearness allowance will be paid at the rate of 42%. Till January, he was getting paid at the rate of 38%. The next DA Hike will be in the month of July.

DA increased under 7th pay commission

The allowance received by the central employees is given under the recommendations of the 7th pay commission. Dearness Allowance ie DA is increased according to the recommendations. The Labor Bureau, part of the Ministry of Labour, calculates on the basis of the Consumer Price Index (CPI-IW) the proportion in which inflation has increased, in which proportion dearness allowance is given. It is revised every 6 months. Now the increase of 4% will be applicable from January 2023. Earlier in July also 4% dearness allowance was increased.

Arrears will be available for January and February

The increased dearness allowance will be paid in the March salary. But, it has been implemented from January 2023. Means the revised DA money will be given in the salary of central employees from January. In this situation, the government will also give DA Arrear of two months to the employees. DA arrears may be different for different pay bands. But, if the basic salary of Pay Band-1 of Level-3 is calculated at Rs 18000, then a total of Rs 720 more will be available in a month. In such a situation, these employees will get arrears of Rs 1440 for January and February.

When will be the next DA Hike?

0.5 Jan 23 132.8 382 4489 374.08 223.15% 43.10%
0 Feb 23 132.8 382 4511 375.92 224.74% 43.80%
0 Jan,23 132.8 382 4530 377.50 226.11% 44.40%
0 Apr,23 132.8 382 4544 378.67 227.11% 44.85%
0 May,23 132.8 382 4554 379.50 227.83% 45.17%
0 Jul 23 132.8 382 4564 380.33 228.55% 45.49%
Expected DA/DR from Jul, 2023 228% 45%

DA can reach 45%

The numbers for the CPI-IW index for January 2023 were released on 28 February. It has gained 0.5 points and the index number has reached 132.8. With this increase, dearness allowance will now increase in July 2023. This means that the increase in dearness allowance from January to June 2023 has also started becoming clear. DA/DR score has increased by 1% in July for central employees and pensioners.

Means the dearness allowance for January 2023 was 42.37%. On this basis, his dearness allowance has been increased to 42%. Now the numbers coming for July have increased by 1%. This means that it has now reached 43.08%. However, the numbers of the 5-month CPI-IW index are yet to come. Only after this it will be decided that how much DA/DR will increase.