E-highway in Delhi: Arriving from Haryana-Punjab will reach Delhi airport in 20 minutes, know the complete route

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari on Thursday inspected the Third Ring Road (Urban Extension Road-II or UER II) being built in Delhi. This will be the third ring road of Delhi. Its purpose is also to reduce the jam of external vehicles in Delhi.

This road will start from Alipore on NH-1 and cross NH-10 at Mundka and reach IGI Airport. On the other hand, it will end on NH-48 coming from Gurugram side. The total length of this road will be 75 km. Its 57 percent work has been completed and Union Minister Gadkari has said that the construction work will be completed by December this year.

With its construction, the entry of outside vehicles in the center of Delhi will be reduced to a great extent. Especially the traffic that comes to the airport from Panipat, Kurukshetra, Ambala and Chandigarh will reduce significantly. Along with this, the passengers coming from here will also reach the airport from outside by taking the highway instead of going through the middle of Delhi and getting stuck in the crowd. The Union Minister said that where people coming from Punjab-Haryana take up to 2 hours to reach the airport, with the construction of the Ring Road, this journey will be completed in 20-30 minutes.

Other features of Ring Road:

It is estimated to cost Rs 7716 crore in making it. It will reach IGI via Karala, Mundka, Najafgarh. On the way, 27 flyovers, 26 small bridges and 17 pedestrian subways are being built. The waste from Ghazipur and other landfill sites in Delhi is also being used in the construction of this highway.

So far the authorities have used 20 lakh tonnes of waste to make the road. Gadkari said, “I am confident that we will flatten the mountains (of waste) standing in the landfill in the next 2 years.

One of the country’s first e-highways,

Delhi-Jaipur stretch on the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway is being planned to be developed as an e-highway. In this way it will be the first e-highway of the country. However, this ring road is also to be developed like an e-highway. If its work is completed first, then it will be the country’s first e-highway. According to officials, there are plans to run e-bus, e-troy and e-car on it. For this, wires and other necessary equipment will be laid on the highway.