Employees Salary Increased: Big news! 5 % increase in the salary of employees, check details

Salary Hike in Layoffs Season: The phase of retrenchment of companies is going on at the global level including India. Apart from the tech sector, layoffs are being done in other sectors as well.

Meanwhile, there is also a company which has announced a 5 percent increase in the salary of its employees. This decision has been taken due to the strength in the business of the company.

A 5 per cent hike in pay will be implemented for all employees. The company informed in a statement that the demand for air travel of airlines has increased and business has increased. For this reason, the benefits will be given to the employees.

When will the salary increase

Delta Airline has increased the salary of the employees. The airline’s chief executive Ed Bastian said that there will be an increase in the salary of the employees associated with the company globally. The increased salary will be effective from April 1 this year. The company has made this announcement at a time when airlines are offering attractive salaries to retain and add employees to the workforce after a faster than expected growth in the US market.

Salary will not increase for these employees

Let us tell you that there was a strike by the pilots during October last year, after which a new contract was signed for three years by increasing the salary by 34 percent. This increase will not apply to government employees, employees related to any other industry.

Preparation of retrenchment of Boeing too

The effect of global recession is visible on America’s multinational company Boeing. In such a situation, aerospace company Boeing can reduce 2000 employees from its staff members. This retrenchment will be of white collar and HR department employees.

Dell will also lay off

Dell Technologies is also planning to lay off more than 6650 of its employees. According to reports, Dell may reduce 5 percent of its employees from its global workforce.