FD Maturity Rules Change: Big news! RBI has changed the rules of FD again, know otherwise there will be a big loss!

FD Rules Changed: RBI has changed the rules regarding FD. After this change, if your FD is not claimed even after maturity and the money remains with the bank, then you may have to bear the loss of interest on FD. Let’s know the update.

If you also make fixed deposits, then know that RBI has made a big change in FD rules. The new rules of FD by RBI have also become effective. On one hand, after increasing the repo rate of RBI, many government and non-government banks have also increased the interest rates on FDs. Therefore, if you are also going to get FD done, or have got it done, then definitely read this news before that. Otherwise you may have to bear the loss.

Change in maturity rule of FD

RBI has changed the rules of Fixed Deposit (FD), now if you do not claim the amount after completion of maturity, then you will get less interest on it.
– The interest you get will be equal to the interest you get on the savings account.
Currently, banks usually pay more than 5% interest on FDs with a long tenure of 5 to 10 years.
At the same time, the interest rates on savings account are around 3% to 4%.

RBI ordered

According to RBI, . The new rule will apply to deposits in all commercial banks, small finance banks, cooperative banks, local regional banks. If the Fixed Deposit matures and the amount remains unpaid or unclaimed, the interest rate applicable to the savings account or the interest rate prescribed for matured FDs, whichever is less, will be given

Know what the rules say?

For example, understand that if you have got an FD with a maturity of 5 years, which has matured today, but you are not withdrawing this money, then there will be two situations.

1. If the interest received on FD is less than the interest received on the savings account of that bank, then you will continue to get FD interest only.

2. If the interest received on FD is more than the interest received on the savings account, then you will get the interest received on the savings account after maturity.

What were the rules earlier?

Now if we talk about the earlier rule, earlier when your FD was matured and if you did not withdraw its money or did not claim it, then the bank used to extend your FD for the same period for which you had earlier FD It was But now it is not so. Now if you do not withdraw money on maturity, you will not get FD interest on it, so it is better that you withdraw money immediately after maturity. This new rule has become effective.