Flight Divert Today: 9 flights diverted on this route today, check status before going to airport

Flights divert due to bad weather: Due to Western Disturbance, there is thunderstorm and rain in Delhi. At the same time, nine flights from Delhi airport have been diverted to Jaipur due to bad weather. Apart from New Delhi, there will be delay in arrival and departure of flights due to bad weather in Bengaluru airport.

Indigo and SpiceJet tweeted

Indigo Airlines tweeted on social media and wrote, ‘The arrival and departure of flights will be affected due to bad weather in Bengaluru. Before catching the flight, do check your flight status on the website. Apart from Indigo, SpiceJet tweeted, ‘We are facing ATC congestion in Delhi due to bad weather. Due to this, flights arriving and departing from the airport may be affected. Passengers are requested to check the flight status website once.

IMD had predicted rain and cloudy weather from Wednesday night due to western disturbance. There is a lot of moisture in the atmosphere due to the Western Disturbance in North West India. The minimum temperature in Delhi is 16.2 degree Celsius. The sky will be cloudy throughout the day. The maximum temperature is 33.6 degree Celsius.

According to the weather forecast of IMD, there may be clouds, light rain and storm in the sky for the next three to four days. It will remain like this till Friday. There may be a drop of three to four degrees in the temperature for the next three days.