Four Day Working: 4 days work started in these companies, 3 days off; employees jumped with joy

Three Day Rest in Week: The work is going on by the Labor Ministry on the policy of working four days a week and resting the rest of the day. The news is not a gift for the employed.

Not only this, despite the reduction in the number of working days, the salary of the employees of the companies will also not be reduced. If your company also starts this facility, then perhaps it will be the biggest gift for you and you will jump with joy. But this is the reality.

No change in salary

100 companies have made their employees happy by giving them three days leave in a week. The important thing is that after giving more holidays, no change has been made in the salary of the employees. After reading all this information, you might be interested to know the names of these companies. But let us tell you that none of these companies is Indian. All these companies are from UK.

Four days work initiative for the first time

Atom Bank and Global Marketing Company Avin are the two big companies to announce four days office in a week. There are about 450-450 employees in both these companies separately.

According to Adam Ross, CEO of Avin Company, the initiative of working four days has happened for the first time in the history of the company. People are praising this decision of the company. People say that if you work for four days instead of five days, the productivity will be more than before.

It was also revealed from a survey that companies consider the policy of working four days a week to be correct. In the survey, 88 percent of the companies agreed that productivity has increased due to this. The results of the survey also came out that working for four days did not affect the productivity in any way.