House Rent Allowance Rules: Government has changed the rules for getting HRA, know whether you will get House Rent Allowance now or not


The government has changed the rules of House Rent Allowance (HRA) given to central employees. After the implementation of the new rules, now some employees will not get house rent allowance.

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If a salaried person lives in a rented house, he gets house rent allowance. Tax exemption is also available on HR. House rent allowance is a significant part of the salary.

The Finance Ministry has informed about the changes in the HRA rules of central government employees. In such a situation, if you are an employee of the Central Government, then you should know that now what conditions you have to follow to get HRA. According to the new rules, now if the employee shares the government accommodation given to another government employee, then they are not entitled to get HRA.

Even if the employee’s parent, son or daughter has been allotted a house by the Central or State Government, Public Sector Undertaking and Semi-Government Organization like Municipal Corporation, Port Trust, Nationalized Bank, LIC etc. and he is living in it Now house rent allowance will not be available.

HRA will not be available even if the husband or wife has got a government
house. Will not pay rent.

What is HRA

HRA or House Rent Allowance is a part of the salary of an employee which is given by the employer for the expenses incurred for the rented accommodation. HRA claim can only be made by a salaried person. The house in which the salaried individual is staying should be on rent. You don’t get the benefit of living in your own house. HRA is available only when the rent is more than 10% of the salary.

The government gives this much HRA

Any government salaried person who is living in a rented house, the expenses related to his house are divided into 3 categories, X, Y and Z.. ‘X’ category 50 lakh and above population is for area. Here HRA is given 24% under the 7th Pay Commission. ‘Y’ stands for area with population between 5 lakh to 50 lakh. Here 16 percent HRA is given. Where the population is less than 5 lakhs, it comes in Z category and 8 house rent allowance is given.

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