Income Tax Intimation Letter: What is Income Tax Intimation Letter? What is its importance? Learn Passwords and Everything Here


Income Tax Intimation Notice is sent to the registered email id of the tax filer under Section 143(1) of the Income Tax Act 1961. You may have now received the Income Tax intimation letter from the tax department. Intimation notice is sent after taxpayers file ITR. The processing of income tax return is done by the taxpayer after verifying his ITR.

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The department sends the Income Tax Intimation Notice to the registered email id of the tax filer under Section 143(1) of the Income Tax Act 1961. The department also sends an SMS alert to the tax filers informing them that the intimation notice has been sent to them on their registered email id.

The deadline for issuance of income tax notice notices has been revised to three months with effect from April 1, 2021. As per the tax rules, the intimation notice needs to be sent to the department within 9 months from the end of the financial year in which the ITR is filed. For example, if someone has just verified his ITR, then the last date for receipt of this notice is 31st December 2023 (nine months from the last date of the current financial year i.e. 31st March, 2023).

However, these days the tax department sends information notices very quickly. Sometimes you get the notice even a few hours after filing the ITR. The information notice provides details as to whether the income tax calculations given by the taxpayer in the ITR match the calculations made on the basis of the information provided by the department. The department investigates various errors. After this process the information is sent.

Taxpayers should read the notice notice carefully

According to tax experts, taxpayers should read the intimation notice carefully. The process of ITR done by the Income Tax Department cannot be final, as the department conducts a prima facie inquiry only after the ITR is verified by the taxpayer. The department may send notice under any other section for further information in future.

What’s in a tax information notice?

Taxpayers should check information notices carefully. This includes income statement, deductions claimed, etc. In some cases the information notice may demand additional tax if the taxpayer has failed to report any income in ITR or has wrongly claimed deduction. If the taxpayer has paid additional taxes, the intimation notice may mention the refund payable to the taxpayer.

Income Tax Notice Letter Password

The password to open the Income Tax Intimation Sheet is your PAN number in lowercase followed by your date of birth in DDMMYY format.

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