Indian Railway Rules: Must do this work before boarding the train, otherwise TTE will catch you and impose heavy fine


Train Ticket: The number of people traveling by railways is in crores. Everyday a crowd of thousands of passengers can be seen at the railway station.

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At the same time, traveling by railway is also very comfortable and short-long distance travel can also be done in less money than railways. However, whenever traveling by railway, one important thing should be kept in mind, otherwise fine can also be imposed.

Actually, it becomes very important to do this work before boarding the train. Here we are telling you about the railway ticket. If you travel by railway without train ticket then it is a punishable offence. Fine can also be imposed for traveling by train without a railway ticket. Everyday many such people are found who travel by train without ticket in order to save money.

Railway TTE

catch such people by Railway TTE and fine is also imposed on such people. At the same time, the fine can be more than the ticket coming for your journey. In such a situation, whenever you travel by railway, travel only by taking a valid ticket. For traveling without a ticket, fine can also be imposed under the Railway Act and there is also a provision for punishment.

It seems that if someone is caught traveling without a ticket, then action is taken against him under section 138 of the Railway Act. Normal single fare for the distance traveled by the person or the station from where the train started and an additional charge of Rs.250/- or an amount equal to the fare, whichever is higher, is collected.

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