Indian Railways is preparing to give confirmed tickets to everyone, time limit also fixed, know the complete plan


Indian railways: There is good news for those traveling by trains. Waiting tickets will become a thing of the past. Indian Railways is preparing to give confirmed tickets to all the passengers.

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This information will make you more happy that you will not have to wait long for this. Railways has fixed the time limit. After this time limit, passengers traveling by trains will be able to reach their destination sitting or sleeping in their respective seats.

At present 800 crore passengers are traveling by trains annually. For these, 10748 trains including mail, passenger, suburban and passenger are being operated. Not everyone among these 800 crore passengers gets a confirmed ticket. Many of these people have to travel on waiting tickets, which is quite inconvenient. Railways plans to provide confirmed tickets to everyone by 2027. Work has also started in this direction.

Railways plans to travel 1000 crore passengers every year. For this, 3000 additional trains will be operated, so that everyone can be given confirmed tickets. In this regard, Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav said that Indian Railways is continuously working towards increasing the capacity of tracks and increasing trains. The aim of Railways is to provide convenient travel to everyone.

Rs 390 crore traveled in seven months

A total of 390.20 crore passengers traveled in all trains between April and October. Majority of these were non-AC i.e. sleeper and general class passengers. 372 crore passengers traveled in Non Aisi. This is 95.3 percent of the total passengers traveling in trains. Of the total passengers, 18.2 crore traveled in AC class. This is only 4.7 percent compared to the people traveling in all classes of Railways.



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