IRCTC Rules Change for Sleeper Coach: Now travel without reservation in sleeper coach, you will not have to pay any fine


There are many such rules of Indian Railways about which passengers are not aware. Due to lack of information many times they have to pay fine. One such rule is the permission to travel in the sleeper coach on the ticket taken from the General Count.

Indian Railways has made several rules for the convenience of the passengers and to fill the vacant seats in the trains. But, many passengers are not aware of these rules and due to this either they are not able to take advantage of it or they make mistakes. Keeping this in mind, today we are telling you about a rule.

If you do regular train travel then this rule can prove to be very useful for you. Actually, Indian Railways works like a company providing transport services to the people. His emphasis is on filling the maximum number of seats available in the trains. But, many such trains run on different routes of the country, in which seats remain vacant after a particular station till the next few stations.

Due to this, trains have to proceed with empty seats only. On the other hand, due to the seats remaining vacant, there is also an economic loss to the Railways . To compensate for this loss, the Railways makes several rules at the local and zone level, so that maximum use of the seats available in the trains can be made.

There is a rule related to this, traveling in sleeper coach on general ticket. At first sight this may seem strange to you. But, Indian Railways gives this facility. Here general ticket means completely general ticket. We are not putting you under any misconception.

You just have to keep in mind here that this facility is not available in every train. You can avail this facility between certain stations in certain trains of different zones. Under this facility, a passenger can travel some distance by sitting in a sleeper coach by taking a ticket from the general ticket window. TTE will not charge any fine or penalty from this passenger traveling on general ticket in spiller coach.

What are the rules

The first thing is that these rules are according to different zones. Different zones mark some trains on their routes and find out that between which two major stations the seats in the sleeper coach remain vacant during the day. Keeping this in mind, tickets are issued to the passengers from the general ticket window between the said stations of that zone.

The condition in this is that the train passes between the said stations during the day time. The purpose of issuing such tickets in trains passing here during the day is that the passengers having reservation in spiller coach do not face any problem.

These trains of Bihar have this facility

The CPRO of Eastern Central Railway told that this facility is available in all the major trains of Bihar. According to the information received from Indian Railways , passengers can travel in sleeper coach on general ticket between Sonpur to Darbhanga in Bihar Sampark Kranti Express running between Delhi and Darbhanga . Similarly, in Vaishali Express train running between Delhi to Saharsa, passengers can travel between Sonpur to Barauni by taking general ticket. This facility is also available in other trains like Saptkranti, Gwalior-Barauni Express, Saryu-Yamuna, Howrah Raxaul, Magadh Express, Dhanbad-Patna etc.

Northern Railway does not provide this facility

Where the railway provides this facility in its trains, the Northern Railway says that it does not provide this facility in the trains passing through its area. This causes trouble to the passengers.