ITR Update: If ITR is not e-verified within 30 days, will the return be canceled, what does the Income Tax Act say?

New Delhi: The Income Tax Department has given two successive shocks to the taxpayers this year. First, despite the demand many times, the deadline for filing ITR was not extended and then the period of e-verification was also cut by 75 percent. In such a situation, what if you have filed ITR but cannot get it verified in time.

Actually, the department has given two main options to verify ITR. Firstly, you can do e-verification through online. This work can be done through bank account, demat account or Aadhaar-PAN. Another option is to send the ITR-V through post to the Income Tax Department Headquarters in Bangalore. The most important thing is that the department has given only 30 days for verification in both the ways. Even if you have to send ITR-V by post, it has to be delivered to the specified address within 30 days.

If the ITR is not verified, then it should not be considered complete just by filling the ITR. Unless you e-verify your income tax return, it is considered incomplete. This simply means that if you do not get your return verified within the stipulated time, then it will become invalid and it will not be considered as filled.

Sachin Srivastava, expert in tax matters, says that if you have e-verification of ITR done after the lapse of time or send the hard copy of ITR-V to the office of the department, then it will be considered after the late or due date and the department will do such e-verification. Verification can be rejected.

How to send ITR by post

If you want to send hard copy of your income tax return to the department office instead of e-verification, then send it through speed post only. If the taxpayer has sent his ITR-V through any other mode i.e. through courier or normal post, then it will not be valid. Completely filled ITR-V can be sent by the taxpayer to the Centralized Processing Centre, Income Tax Department, Bangalore 560500, Karnataka.

Taxpayers need to keep in mind that from the date on which you have filed your ITR, the department will also count 30 days for e-verification from the same day. Even if you are sending ITR-V through post, 30 days will be added from the date of filing ITR. The taxpayer fills his return and informs the Income Tax Department about the income earned in the relevant financial year and the tax on it or the tax paid.