New Labor Law: Take home salary, less working hours will increase, 9 important changes implemented from today


New Labor Law: New Labor Law or Labor Law is likely to be implemented from 01 July 2022 (Changes from July 01 2022). After the implementation of these new labor laws, there is going to be a significant change in working hours and weekends. But from July 1, not only labor laws, many other important changes are going to happen. What are these changes, let us tell you.

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New labor law will be implemented

The new labor law is expected to come into force from July 1, after the implementation of these new laws, there will be a big change in the work culture in the country. From working hours to wages in hand, all this is likely to change when the new law comes into force.

But four day work does not mean less work. If the working day is reduced, the working hours will increase. Employees must complete 48-hour working hours in a four-day week. This means they are expected to put in 12 hours instead of working eight hours every day.

Under the new code, take-home pay is expected to come down, as employee and employer’s provident fund (PF) contributions will increase. The PF contribution is required to be in the ratio of 50 percent of the gross salary. According to the new labor code, the eligibility requirement for leave has been reduced from 240 working days to 180.

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