Passport process: Now passport will reach home in 7 days, changes in rules

To get an online passport, you have to go to ( You can easily apply for Passport by going here. Here you see many options. If you want to get a passport made within 7 days, then you have to apply by going here.

Documents to be submitted after getting the appointment

Before applying for Passport, you should know that online you are also given the option to make Passport immediately. The specialty of this passport is that it gets ready quickly and you do not even need to worry much. Now its rules have also been changed, so you have to take an appointment regarding the passport. After that you have to go and submit your documents.

Document verification is necessary after applying online

Remember that you must submit documents for passport. You should check the website before submitting the documents. Remember, you just have to go to the office to submit the documents.

Once the file is passed, the verification takes place at home. In verification, all the documents are re-checked. After passing the passport verification, your passport will be generated and you will reach home within 7 days. But all the above process has to be completed.