Post Office Scheme: You are getting Rs 49,564 interest in just 1 year from this Post Office scheme, know the complete process


Post Office Fixed Deposit scheme: Investing in FD is very much liked by the people. The biggest reason for this is that people’s money remains safe and they also get good interest. If you are also planning to invest in FD, then today we have brought a tremendous scheme of Post Office for you. By investing in it (investment tips), you can earn interest of about fifty thousand rupees in just one year. Let us know about it in detail-

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Generally it is seen that not everyone’s income is enough to accumulate big investment funds (Investment Tips) for themselves. However, it is also true that a fund worth lakhs can be created with small investments, due to which the post office helps the people here.

Indian Post Office has such a great scheme, where you get returns of lakhs of rupees by investing small amount of money. The post office is operating savings schemes for everyone from children to the elderly. We are going to tell you about such a wonderful scheme which allows you to deposit a huge fund (post office scheme) for 5 years.

Big earning on fixed deposit
Here we are talking about the Post Office Fixed Deposit Scheme (Post Office FD Scheme). Such people are looking for a safe and earning option with the government. So post office fixed deposit is one of the best schemes for you. Here there is no chance of fraud after depositing your money. Due to which there is secure earning.

Post Office FD Scheme
You can invest at least Rs 1,000 in Post Office FD (Fixed Deposit Scheme), here the investor will have to invest in multiples of Rs 100, although there is no maximum limit for investment in FD. Due to which customers can invest in FD for different periods of 1,2, 3, 5 years in the post office, through which you can open an account by giving check or cash to get FD.

Big fund will be created in one year
By which you deposit Rs 7 lakh in the Post Office FD scheme for one year, which will give you a total of Rs 7,49,564 at 6.9 percent interest rate. In which only Rs 49,564 will be received as interest.

Similarly, if you invest Rs 7 lakh for 2 years, you will get a total of Rs 8,04,217 on maturity at 7 percent interest rate. Here you will get Rs 1,04,217 only as interest.


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