Property documents: In case of loss of property documents, do this work first, otherwise it will become very difficult.


How to Get Duplicate Property Documents: If property papers are lost somewhere or you forget to keep them somewhere, then someone else can take advantage of them and try to take over your property. What should be done in such a situation? Let us know about it in detail.

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Property papers are such documents which everyone always keeps with utmost care. But if by mistake the property papers are lost somewhere and cannot be found, then we are telling you what should you do first. Let us tell you that if the property papers are lost somewhere, you will not be able to sell your property in future. These papers only show that you are the real owner of this property and have legal rights over it.

Loss of property papers means that the person has no way of claiming that property. Of course, the property will be registered in the sub-registrar’s office in your name or in the name of someone in your household, but it is not possible to get it immediately in case of sudden need. Therefore, it would be better to start the process of making duplicate documents in case the paper is lost. This is not a very complicated process. There are total 3 steps through which you can get duplicate property papers. It is worth noting that you can get duplicate papers even if the paper is lost, stolen or burnt. Let us know what is its process.

First file an FIR

First of all, you should lodge an FIR in the police station of the area from where the documents are lost or stolen. If the local police refuses to lodge an FIR then you can also lodge an FIR online. After this the police will try to find the documents. If it fails in this, it will give you a non-traceable certificate.


If the paper is not found after the police searches the property documents, your next step will be to place an advertisement in the newspaper. In this advertisement you will inform about the loss of the property along with its complete details. After this wait for a few days. Generally it is advised to wait for 15 days. It is possible that the person who found the paper may return it.

Last step

Now you have to apply for duplicate document in the sub-registrar office. This application will be given in the office of the same sub-registrar where the property is originally registered. Along with this application, you will have to attach a copy of the FIR and non-traceable certificate and a copy of the advertisement given in the newspaper. Here your application will be accepted after charging some fee. After 15-20 days, duplicate property papers will be issued.a

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