Railway Start New Facility: Good news for Passengers! Now your luggage will not be stolen in trains, door will not open without OTP, check full details


Indian Railway New Facility: If you take any of your parcels from one place to another through trains and you are afraid of the theft of the parcel. Therefore, to protect goods from theft in goods trains and parcel trains, Indian Railways has decided to launch OTP based ‘ Digital Lock System ‘.

So that the goods being parceled by the passengers can be protected from theft. Means now you can take your parcel from one place to another through trains without any hassle and tension.

Indian Railways is set to adopt a new ‘Digital Lock’ system based on ‘One Time Password’ (OTP) technology to protect goods in transit from theft in freight and parcel trains. Giving information, an official said that this system will provide enhanced security for goods and parcels, so that incidents of theft during rail transport can be reduced and passengers can be given relief.

Smart lock will be installed in trains

Railways says that similar to the approach used in trucks, GPS-enabled ‘smart locks’ will be installed in trains carrying goods and parcels. The location of the vehicle can be traced through the GPS system, which will reduce the chances of theft. The new system will be completely based on secure OTP, which will be used to open and close the train compartment doors.

Door will be opened through OTP

An official said that it would not be possible to access the luggage during the journey as the compartment would be opened through OTP and then locked with another OTP. In addition the coaches will be sealed and the seal will be monitored at each station to prevent tampering. In case of violation, an alert message will be sent immediately to the mobile number of the officer.

New system will help in reducing incidents of theft

OTP will be given to a railway employee at each station to tell that the loading or unloading process has been completed to keep the system simple and efficient. At least three railway zones are actively looking for companies that can offer this service at a reasonable cost. The new ‘Digital Lock’ system based on OTP, which will be installed in goods trains and package trains, will enhance the security of goods during transportation. Adoption of this technology is a positive step which will help in reducing the incidents of theft in railway transport industry.