Ration Card New Guideline: Big News! New rule of ration implemented across the country, check details

Ration Card: Under the National Food Security Act, the central government has ordered electronic point-of-sale (EPOS) devices at ration shops to connect electronic scales to ensure that the right amount of food grains are available to the beneficiaries.

There is relief news for those who take food grains under the ration card. On one hand, the government has extended the period of free ration till December. Modi government’s ambitious One Nation One Ration Card scheme has been implemented across the country, after which online electronic point of sale (POS) device has been made mandatory at all shops. The most important thing is that the effect of this decision of the government is also visible now. Let us know in detail.

Now there will be no disturbance in ration weighing!

In fact, under the National Food Security Act, in order to ensure that the right quantity of food grains are available to the beneficiaries, the Central Government has decided to connect electronic point of sale (EPOS) devices at ration shops with electronic scales for food security. The law has amended the rules.

New rule implemented across the country

Now all fair rate shops in the country have been linked with online electronic point of sale ie POS devices. That is, now there is no scope for disturbance in ration weighing. Point of sale machines of hybrid model have been given to ration dealers to ensure that the beneficiary of Public Distribution System (PDS) does not get less ration under any circumstances. These machines will work in online mode as well as offline if there is no network. Now the beneficiary can buy himself under the National Food Security Act from any fair price shop in the country by using his digital ration card.

What does the rule say?

The government says that this amendment is an attempt to take forward the process of reforming food grains weighing under Section 12 of the Act through improving the transparency of operation of Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS) under NFSA. Under the National Food Security Act (NFSA), the government is giving five kilograms of wheat and rice (foodgrains) per person per person, at a subsidized rate of Rs 2-3 per kg, respectively, to about 80 crore people of the country.

What changed?

The Government stated that in order to encourage the States to operate the EPOS devices properly and to promote savings with an additional profit of Rs.17.00 per quintal, sub-rule(s) of Food Security (State Government Assistance Rules) 2015 ( 2) Rule 7 has been amended.

Under this, the additional margin provided for the cost of purchase, operation and maintenance of point of sale devices, if any State/UT saves, can be extended to both the purchase, operation and maintenance of electronic weighing scales. being used for integration.