Want to delete transaction history on Google Pay? This trick is very easy, know the step-by-step process


Google Pay Transaction History: Online payment platform Google Pay is one of the most used apps for digital transactions.

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Earlier users were not able to view their transaction history on this app, but now you get the option to view the history of your transactions. Whenever you send money to someone through your mobile app, its timing, amount, transaction ID and all other details are stored on the app.

Option to delete transaction history is not available on Google Pay

However, if you want to delete the transaction history, you do not get the delete option here and your entire history remains stored on the app. But still you have an alternative method by which you can delete your history.

Where can I see transaction history?

First of all, many people do not know from where they can see the transaction history on Google Pay.
Transaction history is visible at the bottom of the home page of the app.

1.Open the Google app on your device and scroll down.
2. Below you will see the option of Show transaction history.
3. Tap the > sign, your transaction history will open.
4. Here you will get the details of all types of transactions sent and received.

How to delete transaction history? 

1. Go to Google Chrome on your phone.
2. Go to www.google.com and locate your Google Account.
3. Login to your account by entering your Google credentials.
4. You will see three dots in the top left corner, click on them.
5. Select ‘Data and Privacy’ and go to ‘History Settings’.
6. Click on ‘Web and App Activity’ and go to Manage All Web and App Activity.
7. Three dots will be visible on the search bar, click on it.
8. Select ‘Other Google Activity’ and go to Google Pay Experience.
9. Tap ‘Manage Activity’ in Google Pay Experience.
10. Click on Delete on the drop down arrow and now select the transaction history which you want to delete.
11. Now select Last Day, Last Day or whatever time you want and delete the transaction history. The deleted status should appear within 12 hours.

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