7th Pay Commission: Good news for central government employees! Salary will become this much due to increase in DA by 3%


DA Hike News: Good news has come for central government employees and pensioners. The government may soon increase dearness allowance. To fight inflation, the central government increases dearness allowance from time to time.

It is revised every year in January and July. At present, 42 percent dearness allowance is being given to central government employees and pensioners. The government revises dearness allowance for January and July with some delay. The month of September is half over and the increase in dearness allowance has not been announced yet. It has been said in the media report that the government may soon make an announcement regarding this.

How much will be the increase in DA?

DA for central government employees is calculated on the basis of the latest Consumer Price Index (CPI-IW). There is a fixed formula for calculating dearness allowance of central government employees and pensioners. On the basis of this formula, dearness allowance and dearness relief are increased. According to the CPI data of July, the government will increase DA by 3 percent.

How much will be the dearness allowance now?

PTI quoted Shiv Gopal Mishra, general secretary of All India Railwaymen’s Federation, as saying that the increase in dearness allowance will be a little more than three percentage points. The government does not consider increasing DA beyond the decimal point. Thus, DA is likely to increase by three percentage points to 45 percent.

How much will the salary increase?

Suppose if a central government employee gets a basic salary of Rs 36,500 per month. His DA at 42 percent was Rs 15,330. If DA increases by 3 percent from July 2023, then their DA will increase to Rs 16,425. In this case, the salary will increase by Rs 1,095.