7th Pay Commission: Government can increase dearness allowance by 4 percent, DA arrears will be received


7th Pay Commission DA Hike: The government is soon going to give gifts to lakhs of employees of the country. A four percent increase in the Government Dearness Allowance (DA) is considered certain.

It is believed that this proposal will be placed in the cabinet in the meeting to be held at the end of September. As soon as this is approved, an announcement can be made to increase the dearness allowance of the employees before Durga Puja.

4 percent increase in dearness allowance soon

Modi government will give the gift of 4 percent increase in dearness allowance to one crore employees and pensioners. Due to which their dearness allowance will increase to 46 percent. At present, dearness allowance and dearness relief (DR) are being given to central employees and pensioners at the rate of 42 percent.

AICPI figures released

So far, AICPI data till August 2023 has been released. According to the data released till July 2023, a 4 percent increase in dearness allowance of central employees is considered certain. In case of 50 percent dearness allowance, the minimum salary of central employees will be revised once again.

The 46 percent increase in dearness allowance will give employees a maximum increase of up to Rs 22,000. Under the Seventh Pay Commission, dearness allowance can be increased at the rate of 4 percent. It is believed that orders for increase in dearness allowance may be issued at the end of September. In such a situation, they will get an important gift before the festival.

DA arrears will be available along with

It is expected that there may be an increase of 4 percent in DA in September, after which the DA of the employees will increase to 46 percent. It will be implemented from July 1, 2023, in such a case arrears of 2 months will also be given. This will benefit 1 crore employee-pensioners. Earlier in March 2023, DA was increased to 42 percent.