Airbus Recruitment: Airbus will recruit more than 13,000 in 2023, know full details


Airbus Recruitment : In this era of retrenchment, Airbus has emerged as a new ray of hope. The European aircraft maker said in a statement released on January 26 that it plans to recruit more than 13,000 people worldwide in 2023.

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These recruitments will help Airbus grow commercial aircraft operations and meet challenges related to defense, space and helicopters. Out of these new jobs, there will be around 7,000 new posts. More than 9,000 posts will be for Europe and the rest will be linked to the company’s global network.

A large number of recruitments have been done in 2022 as well.

According to a Reuters report, Airbus said that in 2022 the company has already made such number of recruitments and currently has 1,30,000 employees worldwide. One-third of the new recruits will be placed on recent graduates.

The company preparing the future of aviation

This global recruitment will focus on new skills that support the company’s long-term vision, such as new energy, cyber and digital, along with technical and manufacturing. The new recruits will focus on the company’s ambitious roadmap for decarbonisation and shaping the future of aviation.

This news related to recruitment in Airbus is also important because these days social media is full of news related to retrenchment. Companies are laying off thousands of people to cut costs and fear recession. It is believed that this phase of retrenchment will continue in 2023 as well. About 67,268 people have been evacuated in the first month this year itself.

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