Big news for those seeking medical degree from abroad, it will not be easy to do doctorate in India

Students carrying a medical degree from abroad must first obtain a medical license in the country concerned or prove that their degree is fully valid for medicine in the country where they studied.

The central government is taking several tough steps to make medical education from abroad of quality, one of which is this. According to sources in the Union Health Ministry, several new steps have been taken, which are now being implemented. In the next few years, students returning with degrees will have to pass through them. The National Medical Commission (NMC) will investigate them.

According to health ministry sources, the most important of these is that the student must prove that his/her degree is valid to practice as a doctor in that country. For this, he will have to register himself with the regulatory body of the country, whose documents he will have to present before the NMC. However, he will have the option to prove it in any other way as well. In fact, it has come to the notice of the Government that in many countries such degrees are awarded which are not valid for medicine there itself, or are valid for limited medical practice.

Degree duration 54 months and internship mandatory

Secondly, now it has also been made mandatory that the subjects which are being taught in MBBS in India, the same subjects should also be necessary in studies outside the country. NMC has released a list of subjects for the same. Along with this, the duration of degree is 54 months and after that one year internship in the same institute has also been made mandatory.

Medical degree should be studied through English medium only

Medical degree obtained from abroad should be studied only through English medium. Many countries including Russia and China provide medical education in their own language, that degree will no longer work here. Similarly, an Indian can take a medical degree from anywhere, but for that he has to pass the NEET exam first.

After passing the test, one year internship will have to be repeated.

Students fulfilling these parameters will only be allowed to appear in the test conducted for foreign medical graduates in the country and will have to repeat one year internship after passing the test. After that you will get license. Every year more than ten thousand students from the country turn to other countries for degree. The reason for this is the difficulty in getting admission in the country and the high cost of medical education in private colleges.