Big News ! Indian Railways made a mission of 25 years, see what facilities you will get?

Indian Railways Department is working on a mission of 25 years to enhance the facilities of its passengers. The department is so serious about this mission that it has planned to install special clocks in the offices to remind its officers about it.

Indian Railways has prepared a blueprint for the next 25 years to give a new dimension to the convenience of its passengers. The Railway Department is so serious about this mission 2047 that it is also making arrangements to remind all its officers at all times.

In fact, in the 75th year of independence, the Railways has set some targets for the next 25 years. To fulfill this mission 2047, Railways is going to install special wall clocks in the offices of its officers and employees. Indian Railways will be written on this clock below and above where the name of the company is written, only 2047 will be written there. This is so that Mission 2047 continues to work in the minds of the employees at all times.

Only special trains will run all over the country, under its mission, the first eye of the Railways will be on changing the map of trains. The biggest target of the Railways will be to run only train sets in the entire country. That is, by removing the LHB coach trains that run at present, run only by train like Vande Bharat in the whole country. In this way, passengers will be able to get better facilities and the map of Indian Railways will be changed.

The speed of trains will increase

The second major mission of the Railways will be to increase the speed of its trains. Railways will run trains at semi-high speed i.e. 160 kmph on most routes of the country. It will be started from Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Kolkata routes. At present, its preparation is going on in full swing and in the next 25 years most of the routes will be covered in it.

Campaign to prevent train accidents

The next step of the Railways will be to completely control the accidents of trains. For this, the department will use a technique called ‘Kavach’ on every busy route. This technology will be helpful in preventing head-on collisions of trains.

Development of 400 stations The
Railway Department will redevelop 400 stations across the country and it has already started. Under Mission 2047, this work will be completely finished in the next 25 years. At present, tenders for 12 stations have been finalized, while the tender process for 45 stations is in advanced stage.

The Railway Department is also working on an environment friendly campaign with technology and upgradation, aiming to zero carbon emissions . Under this, carbon emission will be reduced to zero in the network of Indian Railways in the next 25 years and in future every plan of the Railways will have a special focus on the environment.