Big relief to income tax payers, new order issued, tax exemption announced!


In Budget 2023, the government had changed the income tax, giving great relief to the employed people. The government had given relief to the people with the new tax regime.

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Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had made income up to Rs 7 lakh tax free while making changes in the new tax regime. While making changes in the new tax regime, the government has exempted income up to Rs 7 lakh from tax. Now the government has given another relief to the taxpayers. Under the Finance Bill 2023, tax exemption has also been given on income above Rs 7 lakh. You think that the government has changed the slab or changed the taxable income, let us tell you that nothing like this has happened. The government has given only marginal relief to those people whose income is a little over Rs 7 lakh.

Income above Rs 7 lakh also out of tax net

The Lok Sabha has approved the Finance Bill 2023. After this amendment, taxpayers have got some relief under the new tax regime. The new rule will come into force from 1 April 2023. Giving detailed information about the new relief, Finance Minister Nirla Sitharaman said that under the new tax regime, if a taxpayer’s annual income is Rs 7 lakh, then he does not have to pay any tax.

It is exempt from tax, but if someone’s income becomes Rs 7,00,100, then he will have to pay Rs 25,010 after calculating under the tax slab. That is, for an increase of only Rs 100 in income, taxpayers have to pay tax of Rs 25 thousand 1 hundred. The government has given minor relief to such taxpayers. So that those people can get relief, whose income is slightly more than the scope of tax free income.

It should be mentioned here that the information has not yet been received on how much this relief will be given. The government has proposed to give minor relief in the Finance Bill.

Minor relief to these people in income tax

To clear the picture of this relief, let us understand with an example. Suppose your income is Rs 7,00,100 means Rs 7 lakh 100. That is, his income is only Rs 100 more than the tax free income. That is, because of only Rs 100, he has to pay tax of Rs 25,010.

The government has given relief to such people by giving minor relief. Under the new proposal, if your income is Rs 7,00,100, then they will not have to pay tax of Rs 25,010, rather they will have to pay only Rs 100 tax.

This relief was found in the budget

In the announcement of Budget 2023, the government gave relief to the taxpayers who adopted the new tax regime. The government made income up to Rs 7 lakh tax free. The government’s intention behind this was that more and more people should adopt the new tax regime. It is also important to know here that no exemption is given on investment in the new tax regime.

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