Cardless Cash Withdrawal: Forgot to bring your ATM card? Tension not! Cash will be released easily, know the way today

Even in the era of UPI, the use of cash has remained in its place. Since the advent of Unified Payment Interface, we have become dependent on digital payments for small and big transactions. The use of cash may have reduced to a large level in the past, but even now the large population makes cash the only means of transactions.

And anyway, when you need cash in an emergency situation, you cannot say. In such a situation, you will find an ATM, but what if you forgot to bring the ATM card itself? You might have heard the name of cardless cash withdrawal. If you have been withdrawing cash from ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank ATMs, then you must have seen this option on the screen of the ATM. You have the option that you can withdraw cash even without a card.

In May this year, the Central Reserve Bank had directed banks, ATM networks, white label ATM operators across the country to provide the facility of ICCW or Interoperable Card-less Cash Withdrawal at ATMs, so that with the help of this facility, they can withdraw from any ATM. You can go and withdraw cash without debit or credit card. Apart from this, RBI had also asked National Payments Corporation of India to make available cardless cash withdrawal facility with the help of UPI at ATMs.

If you are a customer of ICICI Bank, then know what are the features of this facility provided by your bank and how you can withdraw cash without card. According to ICICI Bank’s site, for this, you need to login to the iMobile app and initiate cardless cash withdrawal transaction. You can withdraw up to Rs 15,000 without a card from this bank’s ATMs across the country.

What is the cardless cash withdrawal process? (Cardless Cash Withdrawal at ICICI Bank ATM Process)
This process is quite easy. Let’s see how-

step 1-

– Open the iMobile app on your smartphone. If it is not there then download it from playstore.
– Go to Services and click on Cardless Cash withdrawal option.
– Enter the amount of cash to be withdrawn and a temporary PIN of 4 digit and select the account number from which the money is to be withdrawn.
Confirm the details shown on the screen and click on submit.
You will see a successful message when the transaction is completed.

Step 2-

You will get a 6 digit code on your registered mobile number from the bank, which will be valid for the next 6 hours. Within these 6 hours you have to withdraw cash from ATM.

Step 3-

Go to the ICICI Bank ATM and enter the requested details – Registered Mobile Number, Temporary PIN Number which you set. Digit with 6 code and how much money to withdraw.
On entering the correct details, the ATM will dispense your money.
– You have to withdraw the entire amount in one go, keep this in mind.

If you want to locate ICICI Bank, you can send SMS “ATMCC PINCODE” to the number 9222208888 for this.