Darbhanga Express Fire: Massive fire broke out in 3 bogies of Humsafar Express going from Delhi to Darbhanga


Hamsafer Express Fire Update: A fire broke out in New Delhi-Darbhanga Express (02570) in Etawah late Wednesday evening. This accident happened near Sarai Bhupat railway station at around 5 pm.

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In this accident, the S-1 coach of the train was completely destroyed. Seeing the smoke rising in the moving train, there was panic among the passengers. He saved his life by jumping. The passengers traveling in the train have shared their ordeal with the media. Kundan, who was going to Muzaffarpur by the same train, told that as soon as the train slowed down at Sarai Bhupat station, the fans of the train stopped and the lights of the train also went off. Within a short while there was a scream. Loud sounds started coming.

Stampede caused by fire

A fire broke out and a stampede broke out. The bogie in which the fire broke out had more passengers than its capacity. After the fire, passengers saved their lives by jumping from the windows. There is news of two passengers getting burnt in the accident. Regional people say that the fire broke out in the train around 5 o’clock. The smoke was visible far away. When people reached inside after hearing the noise, there was chaos all around. At that time no help was received from the railway or police administration.

The fire brigade arrived after an hour

Passengers told that about an hour after the accident, the fire brigade sent by the administration arrived to extinguish the fire, by then the fire had completely engulfed S 1, S 2 and S 3. Whereas earlier it was said that only one coach was damaged. Traffic was affected on this route. OHE has been closed on Howrah-Delhi route. And the operation of trains has been stopped. About 16 trains have been affected due to this incident. Why the fire broke out is being investigated.

Shocked by the news of another accident

When the news of another train explosion came from the Indian Railways Department, there was panic across the country from Delhi. It was being said in that news that there was an explosion in Bhagalpur-Jaynagar Intercity Express near Samastipur. Railways has issued a clarification calling this news misleading.

According to the information received from the Railways, a passenger was secretly carrying material for making firecrackers when suddenly his bag caught fire. This was immediately brought under control due to the vigilance of the Railways. The concerned passenger is being interrogated. Thus, neither any explosion took place nor there was any loss of life or property. After this statement of Railways, people heaved a sigh of relief.

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